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Collard tickets make it easy to buy tickets to your favorite sporting events, concerts, and more. You can use the search bar at collardtickets.com to search for events by artist, event, or venue!

After finding an event you can filter the listings you see based on your preferences. Once you find the perfect tickets, you’ll be taken to the checkout where you can enter your contact, payment, and shipping information. 

You’ll receive an email once your order is confirmed and another one once your tickets are available.

Promo codes can be entered at checkout. You do need to be signed into your Collard tickets account to use a promo code, but it’s easy and free to register! Plus, it makes future purchases simple.

We’ve worked to make checkout as easy as possible here at Collard tickets. If you encounter an error at checkout, double-check the account information you’ve entered. We suggest re-entering your billing information or the payment method that was used, or even try purchasing a different set of tickets.

You can also clear all of your data cache and browser history or use a different device to purchase your tickets.

When you place an order through Collard tickets, it enters a pending state while the seller checks to make sure they can fulfill the order. It can take a couple of hours to receive an update on a pending order if the event is on the same day and up to 24 hours if the event is in the future.

If the seller can fulfill the order, you will receive a confirmation email and your tickets will be delivered before the event. In the rare case that the seller cannot fulfill the order, you don’t need to worry! We’ll email you asap, and the charge to your card will be automatically voided.

Some events require attendants to be above a certain age in order to enter. If an event has an age restriction, it will be shown in the event title as (21+).

Changing your password on Collard tickets can be done on either your smartphone or from a computer. On the login screen, you will see a Forgot Password option to click. Now enter the email address associated with your Collard tickets account. A password reset email will now be sent to that email address. Follow the prompts in that email to set a new password.