Omar Khairat Live at The Sound & Light

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Omar Khairat Live at The Sound & Light

We are thrilled to announce that the world-renowned pianist and composer Omar Khairat will be performing live at the prestigious “Sound & light” venue on June 3rd, 2023. This highly anticipated event is set to be an unforgettable evening of beautiful talent and culture, taking place from 6:00-12:00 A.M.

To make this experience even more special, we are offering different ticket packages to suit every preference.

Whichever package you choose, you can rest assured that you will be treated to a spectacular performance by one of the most talented musicians of our time. Book your tickets today to secure your place at this extraordinary event!

Gates open: at 6:00 pm and close at 8:00 pm

Dress Code: Black Tie.

يسرنا الإعلان عن حفل الموسيقار العالمي “عمر خيرت” بقيادة المايسترو ناير ناجى الذي سيقام على مسرح “الصوت و الضوء”فى سفح الهرم أمام أبو الهول يوم السبت ٣ يونيو ٢٠٢٣. ستفتح الابواب فى تمام الساعة ٦ مساءً.

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